puppy dog pals cake ideas

puppy dog pals cake ideas

puppy dog pals cake ideas – He was nice. He was brave. He was often funny … but more often, he was stubborn like a mule. But he was just about the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen. I’ll admit it … he got us Hi .

My brother had come back with him as a gift to my parents one day. You see, our two childhood dogs have since died, and my family, being the animal lovers we are, could not be without a hairy and loyal companion to love, for too long.

(Ok … I’m actually more of a CLOSET animal lover. I try to keep it low, so my kids do not grab it and start stepping up their begging sessions for an animal at the moment, is filling up and a cough * another * cough * animal to take care of can be the drop of water that breaks the whole body of the camel, sending it to his very grave ¨s early … NEVER TO RETURN Catch my drift, here? K … shhhhh.) I was at the university at the time, but still living at home with my sister and my parents.

My brother, on the other hand, had to attend a college at the other end of the country … so when he left for school (the first time we left) (see, you see) Moïse-maybe-a little-sorta was standing up for my big brother, in the eyes of my parents. And while my brother had certainly not been pampered by my parents growing up, this dog was as pampered as the day is long. No waiting … MORE LONG.

It seemed that every time I needed to leave my home for one of my classes or work in time, Moses had to go out. You know … PEE. So, (because I was, obviously, a GIGANTIC miller) I let him out. Eons later, once this dog had done his homework , I called him back so that I could get out my buttocks and maintain some level of dignity with my superiors at work / at à © cole. And what did this dog do.

I do not tell you a lie, he looked me straight in the eye, slightly bent his head slightly, and sat his big end of olivette at the place where he Was, and waited. What are you asking for ?? This stupid and incredulous dog was waiting for a legal dispute.

No, he did not get a treat each time someone else let him in from outside, but anyway this dog knew when I was in a hurry, and knew that I would end up giving … I was going against ALL I believe in the world of training and education, finally, ANYTHING, and give it a cure just to bring her lazy BAHIND back into the house! EVERYTIME.

Sure enough. A beloved taste, traditional late at night in the Doeing household (my maiden name), was a good big bowl of ice cream … as far as I’m concerned remember. Well, somewhere along the line, Moïse decided that it was also his late-night snack.

puppy dog pals cake ideas

So when someone had a bowl of ice cream on which they were working, Moïse was trotting on … sitting at his feet, his back pampered, and still looking at you, with waves saliva dripping on the sides of his mouth on the floor, as long as it took you to enjoy your bowl of delight. And if you have not done

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