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10 TIPS ON HAVING A DOG AT SCHOOL for beginners🐾🐾

10 TIPS ON HAVING A DOG AT SCHOOL for beginners🐾🐾

Basically if you go to a private school your school is allowed to tell you no whether that’s a college or a high school I’ve Done a what to bring it to school with your service dog on more on the high school side of things so this video is going to be a little bit more on the college side if that makes sense Tip number one talk to your counselor before you do anything service dogs are an accommodation much like extra testing time and Being allowed to like stuff like that

It’s listed as an accommodation So you need to have your service dog added if you’re in high school added to your 504 and if you’re in college You need to make sure that the school knows about your service dogs because a lot of schools and colleges Will actually have you sign a waiver saying that if your dog does something stupid and bites someone that it’s not the school’s fault that it’s your Responsibility, and that’s really important to know and it’s really important that we Understand that about our dogs that we take responsibility for our actions and even though a service dog should never bite anybody

Dogs are still dogs and sometimes they can mess up or sometimes you mess up or sometimes someone isn’t reading the dog correctly There are circumstances like that tip number two is to make sure your dog is ready I don’t recommend bringing service dogs in training to any school It’s really good idea before you even bring up the idea of bringing your dog to school with you that you go to the school Go to a few shows the open houses stuff like that to make sure that your dog is comfortable in the environment and can handle that amount of people I found that one of the best ways to get hero used to that amount of kids was to actually take him to amusement parks and various Events at my school like Rally’s and whatnot because even though I don’t like those events It’s important that Hero is ok with those sounds – tip number 3 you need to have your parents backing you up especially if you’re in high school I’m going to talk to the high schoolers Specifically at this moment when you’re wanting to bring your dog to school with you you have to make sure Schools have to follow a certain health code that is separate from the Ada, but they still have to follow it So they’ll have you sign a waiver That says that your dog is trained and isn’t going to bite anyone or anything and that if your dog does it’s your responsibility That you’re going to pick up after them stuff like that to make sure that the school is staying healthy It’s also important that you talk to your parents first because when you’re in high school And you’re going to a 504 meeting your parents have to set that up You can’t do it It has to be your parents now in college is a little bit different

You Just go in and say hey I have a service animal and you met be my accommodation and they’ll add it to your accommodations list you have to go to the disability center first in order to make that work, so Tip number 4 is to know your rights know the ADA back and forth know Code 22 know stuff like that know What your rights are and what you can and cannot do as a service dog handler with a service animal You need to make sure that you know your laws that you know what you are and are not allowed to do tip number five High Schoolers, kids are annoying other kids are going to bully you other kids are going to mess with your dog It’s part of life And you’re going to have to make sure that every time they do

You report their butts to the school so that they can get what they deserve for college students Most of the time other college students are more concerned about their grades because they have to pay to be there So they’re probably not going to care about you very much So that’s just a thing for college students It’s a lot different than high school tip number six Make sure your dog is tucked underneath the seats While you’re in class if you don’t know what that looks like, I will put a picture Here in the corner to show you what that looks like when a dog is behaving properly in class tip Number seven is to not forget snacks for your dog You want to make sure that your dog is staying well fed and hydrated throughout the day so make sure you bring treats and water with you so that your dog is getting paid for the work they’re doing for you and They’re also staying very hydrated so that they could just continue so that they can continue to do their job for you Eight don’t focus too much on your dog, and I know this is really hard to do as a service dog handler But trust me you want to make sure you’re focusing on your lectures You’re focusing on your studies and honestly as a service dog handler

Who’s been a handler for about two years now I can tell you that Having a service dog becomes something that you get very Used to sometimes you even forget you that it’s weird that you have a dog so when people are like a dog you’re like wait What dogs where because I don’t honestly think of him as a dog when he’s working? I think of him as an extension of my body if that makes sense it almost feels like we’re the same being Tip number nine treat school like any other public place be courteous to other people you’re going to get people asking questions no matter where you go and especially in high school and Just make sure that you’re doing the same thing you would if you were in a public place like don’t make a big deal Don’t sacrifice people being able to pet your dogs Don’t feel like other students have to be allowed to pet your dog because it’s your service dog He’s working and it’s his or her job to keep you safe Not to be entertainment for the public tip number ten is my final tip be Patient getting your service dog with you especially in high school It’s something that’s really Difficult and I know for some of you who don’t have service dogs yet Or you’re on the waiting list it takes time to get your dog It does it really does and it’s important that we’re patient And it’s really important that you be patient with yourself that you be patient with the dog that you be patient with people around you and most of all that you be patient with your school and Your the staff at your school because they are trying to help you even if it feels like they aren’t trust me Oh getting hero on campus with me took an entire Year, because they didn’t want to allow him on campus So just keep that in mind and remember that as long as you’re patient and kind to other people They usually will be patient and kind back to you I hope you guys enjoyed this video leave a comment down below if there’s any tips or tricks that I missed in this video And I hope you will leave a big like for us because it really helps hero and I out If you have not already hit that subscribe button to become a Paw kid member of our Paw Squad I hope you guys enjoyed this video Have a pawsome day, and we will see you next time on paws and love bye!!! 🐾🐾

10 TIPS ON HAVING A DOG AT SCHOOL for beginners🐾🐾

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